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URBAN SAFARI is.. the most original and fun plans of Madrid 

Tours in Beer Bike, Tuk Tuk, Bike - Taxis, Vespas and Cyclovan rental

Choose between our vehicles to know all posibilities or combine them in our special packs

Stag or Hen parties, guided tours through Madrid, romantic sourprises or special events...

whatever the reason is... Urban Safari has an activity for you!



BeerBike                                                               TukTuk                                                                   Bike-Taxi

The best activity for groups of friends                                 The best way to get to know Madrid in                                 One of the funniest ways and
bachelor parties, birthday or                                                 motorized vehicle, comfort and the best                              unique of Madrid to know the city
simply to enjoy an experience                                               way to get to know madrid quickly.                                     comfortably while your driver
only with new people.                                                                                                                                                           pedal to take you to destinations where
                                                                                                                                                                                              only one bicycle can go.



Vespa Tour     

Vespa Tours

Visit the city in one of the most vehicles

emblematic of europe either with a guide

or just with our GPS and discover everything

that the city has to offer you.