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Urban Safari is the icing on the cake, the day to remember, the magic moment and the most fun stories to tell.

A must do in Madrid, the most unusual vehicles, the craziest ideas and the main unique experience to visit the city, have fun with your friends, make an special surprise for your partner and improve each event!                                                                  

We break with the traditional standards and we make possible what you think it couldn't



Offer a kind of tourism following the precepts of alternativity, originality and available for everybody.  We combine fun and tourism to approach the city either for visitors or locals giving them a different experience in a city with so much to discover!



Be one of the leading companies in the tourism sector. Boosting the local tourism and refreshing the current situation of the lesiure in Madrid in order to attract those who wants to be amazed with unique experiences whenever they go.

Adapting ourselves to new social and cultural achievements, we want to foster the ecologism, sostenibility and the develop of physical and dynamic activities.