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Guide / driver Bike-Taxi


What we offer:

  • A Bike - Taxi with  Bici-Taxi with electrial assistant
  • Bateries and electricity to charge them
  • Parking, to keep your bike safe 
  • Insurance and maintenance
  • Flexibility: work either morning, evening or night shifts.
  • Single days or whole weeks.
  • Training: tours, guide book, driving and sales techniques 
  • Promotional material.
  • System of booking service through our website and phone.
  • Weekly team meetings to improve and solve doubts. 
  • Experience team of 15 drivers, some of the with already 1 year experience.

How it works?

It's quite simple! We go to the areas popular for tourists, like Plaza Mayor or  Retiro Park....offering them the best guided tour of Madrid

Why? Most tourists have been walking for a long time and usually feel quite tired...that's the perfect occasion to drop with a Taxi -Bike on their way! During the tour they will take some rest and also discover new facts and curiosities about Madrid that they wouldn't know whitout your help.


What we expect from you?

  • You should be a freelance
  • That you would like to work by yourself,witouth boss and pressure
  • That you love talking and being in contact with people from other parts of the world
  • That you are an outdoor lover (most of the sales will be on the street)
  • You should be proactive 
  • You should be looking forward earn money
  • You have to know how to ride a bike
  • You have to take care of your tricycle
  • You don't need to have driving lisence 
  • You don't need to know spanish but it would be always an advantage

How much will you earn?

  • Clients will pay you 50€/h for each tour you make
  • 100% of tips are for you
  • You will keep the 60% of the tours you made ( the other 40% is for the company).
  • Everyday you will take back home what you have earned.  60€/day on average
  • Our driver Victor has the record, he made 195€ in one day
  • You could earn on average 1400€/net per month

¿How much you get?

  • Clients pay 50€/h each tour you make.
  • 100% of the tips are yours.
  • You get 60% of the total amount you make (only 40% is for the business).
  • Most of our drivers make a 100€ each day.
  • The record qe have is 225€ in just a day.
  • You can make about 1400€ per month.

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  • We will confirm the day and time for that by email of whatsapp